How to Play Roulette for Dummies

Roulette is a game of chance (such as Blackjack) that you can find in virtually every online and brick-and-mortar casino globally – so it’s good to learn a little bit about it before you start playing. The goal of roulette, despite the fact that it is played on a board and wheel that may appear frightening to total dummies, is fairly simple: gamble on the number (or set of digits) that the ball will finally fall on. Below you will find the lessons on how to play roulette for dummies.

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How to Play Roulette for Dummies?

Some wagers have higher chances of winning than others, which is dependent on how likely they are to win. The house has a little advantage of around 2.5-5 percent when playing roulette, based on the casino and the regulations being employed.

You may play roulette practically anyplace there is a gambling establishment, including:

  • In casino clubs (table roulette)
  • Terminals for betting on fixed odds
  • There is even tombola roulette available at designated terminals
  • Virtually (live-streamed video roulette, in-app roulette, phone browser, or on your computer)

How To Play Live Roulette for Beginners?

Live roulette may appear intimidating at first glance, but it is actually one of the simplest live casino games to pick up the basics of. It doesn’t take long to become an expert when the setup is simple, and the bets and odds are easy to grasp. Getting the hang of live roulette is simple with the help of our comprehensive introduction to the game’s rules and strategy.

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Live Roulette Layout

You should be able to wrap your mind around live roulette if you’ve played on a genuine roulette table before. You’ll see the roulette table just on-screen, divided into two halves for placing your bets. Betting on the inside is done with the long betting board while betting on the outside is done with the broad, perpendicular betting table.

There is a wheel at the top of the table as well as a croupier at the bottom, who spins it, drops the ball, and announces the winning wager. There are a variety of live casino options, but in the majority of cases, a dealer will spin the wheel and place your bets on a real table in front of you. Online you will find a computer-generated betting board with only the operator and the wheel truly in certain live roulette lobbies.

Two most popular kinds of live roulette:

  • In European roulette, the numbers 0 through 36 are represented by the 37 separate pockets on the wheel. The house advantage in European roulette is 2.7%.
  • The house advantage in American roulette is 5.26 percent, with a total of 38 pockets on the wheel.
how to play live roulette for beginners

Different Types of Roulette

It is common knowledge that there are two sorts of roulette wheel layouts: an American as well as a European one. This is a reference to the numbered pockets in the garment. However, below are several versions in greater detail. Also below you will learn how to play roulette for dummies.

Rapid Roulette

Floor space equals money at a casino. Hence, every casino evaluates the money earned per square foot. Slot machines are the most profitable game for casinos. But a casino filled with gaming machines is tedious. Naturally, casinos offer a variety of alternatives, including roulette.

While roulette tables might grow congested, the number of spins can decrease. Limits of casino profits as a result of this issue are solved by rapid roulette in casinos. Usually, a real roulette wheel is spun in front of players. But the bets are placed on a touch screen instead of on the wheel itself. 

The wheel is spun more regularly since payments are automated, allowing more players to gamble on the same spins. Sitting at a crowded roulette table, you’ll understand the annoyance of paying players’ delays, particularly when you’re not the one getting paid.

In certain variants of fast roulette, the wheel is a computer simulation. Some gamers still think it’s roulette when it’s actually a slot machine with computer graphics.

how to play roulette for dummies

French Roulette

The European roulette wheel is in French roulette. Only a few of the wagering possibilities on the betting table are different. The extra possibilities are generally referred to as “trace track” bets on the roulette racetrack betting page. To put it simply, the wagers allow players to stake money on specific areas of the wheel.

Mini Roulette

There are 13 numbers on the wheel in this variant. It has the digits 1 through 12, as well as a zero. Mini roulette may take many shapes. The wheel and ball can be made of genuine physical material. Instead of a spinning wheel, the croupier may use a static marker to identify a winning number if the ball is not present at all.

There is no wheel as well as ball in RNG mini roulette. Such variants are similar to slot machines but with significantly lower rewards and odds for players. It’s important to remember that smaller sample size doesn’t necessarily boost your chances of success.

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Double ball Roulette

It was in Las Vegas when double-ball roulette first emerged. It’s much like regular roulette, except with two balls instead of one. The European wheel arrangement is shown here as an example of such a variant. In most casinos, you won’t find anything like this. First introduced as an attempt to provide players new and possibly intriguing wagering alternatives.

It’s not clear why professional players would prefer this version over others, except for roulette wheel bias analysis. As a result, bias analysis gamers may collect data twice as rapidly with an additional ball bouncing. Several other professional roulette strategy methods are faster and more useful than bias analysis.


The roulette table has the biggest payout potential of any casino game, despite the fact that it might be scary at first glance because of maybe roulette rules for dummies. However, you must keep in mind that the casino has an advantage, and you will lose all of your cash if you play for too long, especially if you don’t have full information on how to play roulette for dummies. This is why roulette is a must-try whenever you’re in a casino since it’s so much fun and exciting to play!