Casino war strategy

When playing either traditional casino or online, the casino war is the most straightforward card game you can play. Even if you’ve never tried playing the game before, you can quickly learn it, play and win. When playing, you’ll be playing directly against the dealer (like Blackjack), with the main aim of pricing winnings and stripping off revenue from the casino. However, several other players might be on the table, but their game results won’t affect your game. In this article you will know, how to play casino war + casino war strategy.

3 players how to play casino war at the casino

This game may be available offline through the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, or you can play it online. Look no further if you’re interested in learning how to play casino war; discover useful tips and strategies to use while playing. This article provides a comprehensive guide on casino war. 

How to play casino war?

You’ll need six decks; however, you’ll be focusing on only two cards on each hand. While focusing on the two cards, you don’t need to memorize the odd ranking and complex hands for this game. Below is the best procedure on how to play casino war.

Starting the game off

The dealer will deal one card to each of the other players taking part in the game. After which, the dealer gets a single card for himself. After starting this way, there is a possibility of three scenarios occurring, which are: 

  • The player wins- when the value of his card is much higher than the value of the dealer’s card. 
  • The dealer wins – if the player’s card has a value lower than the dealer’s card. 
  • Tie – it may result in a tie if the value of the dealer’s card has the same value as the player’s. 
Chips and cards

Choosing whether to surrender or go to war

These results precede the most exciting scenario as after the results. The player can either choose to surrender or choose ‘to go war.’ Through the scenario, the gameplay acquires its name, casino war. If the player decides to surrender then, they leave the game at that point. Due to their trouble, the player will receive half of the wages.

The player places the second bet

 If the player makes a decision to go to war, then the particular player will place their bet. After placing the bet, the dealer will then burn three cards. While burning the three cards, he will deal one card to the continuing player, another card to themselves, and the last one face up. 

Determining the winner

After dealing with the cards, the results of these cards will determine the winner. If the value of the player’s second card is lower than the dealer’s, the game ends in favor of the dealer. Thus, making the loss to the original and second bet. Nevertheless, the scenario changes if, during the second bet, the value of the dealer’s card is lower than the player’s or the value matches. It means that the player beats the dealer. The player will get the original wager and make the player win more cash. 

King card casino war strategy

Casino war strategy tips  

It sounds surprising that a player can use strategies to maximize the winning in this simple card game. However, these strategic tips guide the player to avoid making silly mistakes while playing the game. Avoiding these mistakes will increase the chances of winning the game. The following are the best casino war strategies: 

Never surrender 

It’d be great always to remember that the most crucial strategy of the casino war is never surrendering the game after the first bet. Surrendering during the bet or game will only decrease the chances of winning it; many people think it’s the best way to play safe. Once a player surrenders, it implies that the player will lose more than half of their game’s original wager.

 The sacrifice of the original wager makes the house boast a 3.7 % edge. Nonetheless, if the player chooses to go to war, the edge will significantly reduce to 2.8 %. As a player, if you avoid surrendering, you’ll have more chances of winning the bet. The player should consider the amount of anger they pay for the continuation of their first bet. 

Two players by the game table

Play with smaller wagers

While playing, it’ll be wise to start your bet with smaller wagers. The casino war provides the house with a 2.8% advantage anytime a player chooses to proceed to war during any game. It’s important to note that you’ll get no additional bonus for gaming with a huge sum of cash. You’ll only win the money you have placed the bet with. Therefore, there is no need to place a big bet, especially if you borrow some money to play the game. Stick to the small wager and relative winnings. Nevertheless, you’ll achieve your goal of getting a profit because the amount you use doubles as you win.

Avoid side bet

However much you’re feeling lucky, keep off the side bets. Mainly at the beginning, these bets usually sound appealing due to the huge odds of upto 10. More fun comes when you realize the number of numerous ties. However, this bet is worthless mainly as there are low chances of hitting the tie and getting your wager. It’s good to understand anytime you’re making the side bet, you’ll increase the house edge to 18.5% on the worthless bet.

Know the perfect time to walk away

It’ll be essential to understand the best time to walk out of the casino table and walk home or prepare for another game. It’s good to set the time to leave the table or the point where you feel it’s good to walk away. When selecting the time, your losing or winning streak shouldn’t matter if you’re walking away or not. This strategy is helpful to help you balance your cash and only bet with the money you can afford to lose. It’s essential to avoid any bet if you feel the money you’re remaining with is meant for some important purpose like rent or food.

Casino war strategy – conclusion 

Casino war is the most simple card game; you should try it, as it resembles the children’s card game. However, before opting to play, it’s good to follow the correct procedure to understand how to play war at the casino and the valuable strategies. These strategies will be essential to prevent losing a lot of cash and increase your winning streak. 

It’s always good to understand that while playing the game, it’d be good to be careful with the money you’re using as a wager. It’s always good to gamble with the money that you can afford to lose. Despite being a game where you shouldn’t surrender, it’s good to have your specific time to leave and avoid spending all your cash on the game. If you want, you can play war at home