Red Dog Poker Game: Rules and Strategy Tips

Like Let it Ride poker, Red Dog Poker is a simple, fun game that players of all levels of experience can enjoy. The basic idea behind the game is to place a bet on whether or not you think the next card will be of the same suit as the one before it. If you’re correct, you’ll win; if you’re wrong, you’ll lose your original bet. The game is traditionally played with an ante and a bring-in but can also be played without either. Read on for tips on how to play Red Dog Poker game and strategies to win the game.

how to play red dog card game

How to play Red Dog card Game – Red Dog Poker Rules

Receiving your first cards

If you’re playing with an ante, Red Dog card game rules specify that the player to the dealer’s left should put up half the minimum bet to receive their cards. After the first two cards have been dealt, each player can choose to either call or raise. If you call, you’ll match the current bet; if you raise, you’ll need to put up at least the amount of the current bet plus one extra chip. The bring-in is then placed in the pot.

Two more cards are turned up

The dealer then deals two more cards, face up. If either of these cards is of the same suit as the first two, then the player who placed the bring-in will need to put up an additional bet. If not, the player who placed the bring-in can either check or fold.

red dog card game rules

Other players’ bets

When if the player who placed the bring-in checks, the action moves clockwise around the table until it reaches the player who placed the last bet or raise. This player has a few options:

  • They can check, meaning that they don’t need to put any more money in the pot, but they do remain in the hand 
  • They can bet: meaning that they’ll need to put more money in the pot
  • They can fold, meaning they’ll give up their hand and take no further part in the round.

If someone does bet, the action proceeds clockwise around the table. When everyone checks, the round is over, and the pot is awarded to the player with the best hand.

red dog poker game rules

All-in bet

If, at any point during the betting, one player has put in more money than any other, then that player is said to be all-in. This means that they can win the amount of money they’ve put into the pot – any additional bets made by other players will go into a side pot, which can only be won by players who have also put money into it.

The game continues until all but one player has either folded or is all-in. The remaining player is then awarded the pot. We hope this guide has helped you learn how to play Red Dog poker card game.

Two players

Strategy tips for playing Red Dog Poker

Knowing the Red Dog rules is not enough. The key to winning at Red Dog Poker is patience and knowing when to fold. It’s often better to err on the side of caution and fold rather than risk losing your entire bet. Remember, the game aims to win money, not to make the most exciting hands!

Another essential strategy tip is to pay attention to the size of the pot. If the pot is small, it’s often not worth risking your entire bet on a single hand. However, if the pot is large, you should be more aggressive in your betting to try and win it.