Euchre Card Game Rules

Euchre is a trick-taking card game typically played by four players in two partnerships. In this article, we explain the main Euchre rules, talk about scoring, tips, and more.

Euchre Rules

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the Euchre card game rules:


Players – 4 (two teams of two)

Deck – 24 cards (9, 10, J, Q, K, A of each suit)

Objective – Be the first team to score 10 points.

Basic Gameplay



  • Dealer shuffles the deck and deals five cards to each player.
  • The remaining four cards are placed in a pile, and the top card is turned face up to start the trump selection.

Trump Selection

  • Starting with the player to the dealer’s left and proceeding clockwise, each player has a chance to either accept or pass the face-up card as the trump suit.
  • If accepted, the dealer picks up the card and discards one card from their hand.
  • If all players pass, the face-up card is turned down, and a second round of bidding begins. This time, players can name any suit as trump or pass again.
  • If all pass again, the deal moves to the next player, and a new hand is dealt.

Trump and Jack Ranking

  • The chosen trump suit has a special ranking. The highest card is the jack of trump (right bower), followed by the jack of the same color (left bower), then the ace, king, queen, 10, and 9 of trump.
  • Non-trump suits rank normally: ace, king, queen, jack, 10, and 9.

Playing Tricks

  • The player to the left of the dealer leads the first trick.
  • Players must follow suit if possible. If they cannot, they may play any card.
  • The highest card in the lead suit wins the trick unless a trump is played, in which case the highest trump wins.
  • The winner of each trick leads the next.


  • The team that chooses the trump must win at least three out of five tricks to score points.
  • If the trump-calling team wins three or four tricks, they score 1 point. If they win all five tricks, they score 2 points.
  • If the trump-calling team fails to win at least three tricks (gets “euchred”), the opposing team scores 2 points.
  • An optional variation is “going alone,” where a player believes they can win all five tricks without their partner’s help. If successful, their team scores 4 points; if not, they are euchred, and the opposing team scores 2 points.

Additional Euchre Rules and Variations

Stick the Dealer

In some variations, the dealer must call trump in the second round of bidding if all players pass.

Farmer’s Hand

If a player is dealt three or more 9s and 10s, they may declare a “farmer’s hand” and exchange three cards with the deck’s bottom three cards.

Scoring Variations

Scoring can vary slightly by region or house rules, so it’s good to clarify before starting the game.

Winning the Game

The game continues with players dealing and selecting trump in turns until one team reaches 10 points, thereby winning the game.

Euchre for Two Players

In two-player Euchre, each player starts with five cards, and the rest form a draw pile with one card face up.

Players take turns deciding whether to accept the face-up card as trump or pass. If both pass, the non-dealer picks the trump suit. Players then draw cards to have six in hand, and the game begins.

During play, players try to win tricks by following suit or playing trump. Tricks won earn points, with additional points for winning three or more tricks as the trump declarer.


A special rule allows a player to “go alone,” aiming to win all six tricks for bonus points.

The game continues until one player scores 10 points, winning the game. Despite having only two players, this version of Euchre maintains its strategic and enjoyable gameplay.

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3 Player Euchre

Three-player Euchre is a version of the classic game adapted for three participants. Despite having one player fewer than the original version, it remains engaging and strategic.

The game starts with the dealer shuffling and dealing five cards to each player, with two additional cards placed face down in the center.

Players take turns choosing the trump suit or passing. After deciding on the trump, players lead tricks and aim to win as many as possible.

They earn points for winning tricks, with extra points awarded to the player who chose the trump and wins three or more tricks.

The game continues until one player reaches 10 points, winning the game. Euchre retains its essence, offering enjoyable gameplay and strategic challenges, even though it is tailored for three players.

Summary Euchre Card Game Rules

These rules cover the essentials of Euchre, allowing for an engaging and strategic card game that combines elements of luck and skill.

FAQ about Euchre Rules

How many players are needed for a game of Euchre❓

Typically four players, but variations exist for two or three players.

How is Euchre scored❓

Points are earned for winning tricks, with extra points for winning the majority of tricks if the trump suit was chosen.

How many cards are dealt to each player in card game Euchre❓

Five cards for each player, with an additional two cards placed face down in the center as the “widow” or “kitty.”

How is trump determined in Euchre card game❓

Players take turns choosing the trump suit, or the dealer selects it if all players pass.

What is the objective of Euchre❓

To be the first player or team to reach 10 points by winning tricks.

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